Tamiya m07 setup

Mind you I'm no hacker or electronics guy either. To test it until my new wheelchair arrives we could use a cheap analogue arcade joystick and mini wireless expansion board As I said Im no technician Paul. I need a robot car as fast as possible mr.

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Thank you very much for the information provided! I was looking for this data for a long time, but I was not able to find the trusted source. Cash For Cars.The M07 is big news, and whilst our upcoming detailed build and review is coming soon, I have built mine and already given the car its deb I'm interested in which type of tyres and inserts you used. It's not clear on the setup sheet due to your logo. Want to know more about the brand Honda. The Tamiya suspension mounts are a powerful tuning option to help you refine the way in which your car will handle on the track.

Pages Home Reviews Facebook. M07 setting sheet tamiya. Tamiya M Race Report and Carpet Set-up The M07 is big news, and whilst our upcoming detailed build and review is coming soon, I have built mine and already given the car its deb M07setting sheettamiya.

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Featured post Tamiya Suspension Mount Ultimate setting Guide and charts The Tamiya suspension mounts are a powerful tuning option to help you refine the way in which your car will handle on the track. Like us on Facebook! Popular Posts.

Tamiya TT02 guide, Mods, tuning and tips for club racing. TRF more sneak pictures and info. Tamiya FF04 Evo Announced. Tamiya TT02 Build and Review. Fusion Hobbies recently delivered me a nice new TT Again it arrived quickly and well packaged with the great customer support and go Random Posts. Search This Blog. Other things. Follow by Email. Play, race build and have fun.

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Members List. Wiki Posts. Mark Forums Read. Thread Tools. Looking forward to running the M07 in anger this weekend, thanks to OSherman for the setup baseline! JatoTheRipper likes this. View Public Profile. Find More Posts by madjack. View iTrader Profile.

My first race with the tamiya M07

Originally Posted by JatoTheRipper. Thanks for the input. It looks like the 20T is included with the kit if I can believe the manual. So I will start with that. Thank you! Originally Posted by madjack. Find More Posts by gigaplex. Originally Posted by gigaplex. How much travel have you got? I believe OSherman said that you lose a lot with the short shocks plus long end.All rights reserved. Use of this site indicates your consent to the Terms of Use.

Remember Me? By logging into your account, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policyand to the use of cookies as described therein. Members List. Wiki Posts. Mark Forums Read. Thread Tools. Trader Rating : 0. Originally Posted by JatoTheRipper. I was finally able to run my M with friends.

Today was the first time I was driving it outside of my driveway. I was extremely impressed with the way it handled.

It's a very planted car and it really only got loose when I wasn't smooth on the wheel and the tall body would cause extra weight transfer. My concerns came true though. The parking lot was rough and somewhere along the way my plug popped out. Gravel got in the gears and decided the plastic was tasty and started chewing it up. I was able to pop the gravel out of the gear and they will be fine, but I'm going to get a spare set to keep on hand. I'm not sure why the plug popped out.

It must have been a hard chassis slap on the ground. I jumped our garden hose guardrail more than once and that's probably when it happened. But my suspicion that the pinion access hole would be problematic was correct.

If anybody experiences the plug popping out, please, let me know.

tamiya m07 setup

I don't think a design change is needed, but I will revise it if necessary. I believe this was an isolated incident because the parking lot was too rough and this driver jumped the hose one too many times. View Public Profile. Find More Posts by kometkamerat. View iTrader Profile. Jamie Hanson. Originally Posted by freaky I am running the small trf dampers and low profile shock towers,for instance and also with the double cardan joint shafts.

Maybe I will try an oil filled diff with 1 or 2 million cst oil I see the photo is with the old setup,lol,I will post a new one.

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Find More Posts by Jamie Hanson. Can anyone assist? I have tried Ride slicks and they don't work for me. Looking forward to your thoughts. The spool is the main reason.Sumi Sumiyuki of the sales department, Mr. Koji Noma, former director of the product headquarters and general manager of Demio, from Mazda, Mr. Suzuki photo left and Mr. He is active in a wide range of activities, including fighting competitive race scenes held both in Japan and abroad, and actively providing user support and setting advice at race events such as the Tamiya Grand Prix held in various places.

This may be partly in common with the psychology of those who love small cars in real cars. I can understand the structure of the chassis in which even the gear box is integrated. The chassis frame of the M — 03 chassis was designed to easily extend the wheel base by attaching separate parts for extension black parts on the right of the photo to the divided parts. However, making the mainframe into a divided structure has numerous adverse effects on the running of the car.

The hard frame also had a bad influence on the characteristics unique to the RC car that gains grip by twisting the chassis, resulting in narrower chassis characteristics of capacity. The chassis rigidity is structurally secured by adding the left and right stiffener photo right attached as separate parts to the main chassis front left where the front gearbox to the rear end are integrated.

As a result, the change of the wheelbase has changed from the previous three stages to two stages, but because it became a softer material, the grip due to the torsional rigidity of the frame can be greatly earned, the capacity of the car leap It is said that it expanded in the same way. The suspension that the basic geometry hardly changed for almost 20 years, although there were some minor changes each time of model change, was greatly improved in the M — 07 CONCEPT which gained a chassis with high rigidity.

Front and rear suspension arms of a completely different design than before. Besides providing a function that can adjust the rebound stroke both in the front and the rear, equipment like the touring car is made, such as being able to easily change the rear toe angle. All newly designed suspension arms adopt the long span type which has already become commonplace in high-end touring cars, ensuring high grip.

The double wishbone type suspension is equipped with four independent oil dampers as standard equipment.

Tamiya M-07 Concept

It is easy to change the setting using internal oil or sold separately sold coil spring. Oil damper which was option setting up to now was also equipped as standard, and its installation position has been redesigned greatly. Especially the front geometry improved greatly thanks to the increased capacity of the chassis. Also, the point that the differences in the handling characteristics due to the difference in the wheelbase which was large until now has been reduced is also a point.

It said that this made it easier to chose your favorite body without worrying about the difference in running. In addition to the title of the head of the product headquarters, Ms.

Tamiya M-07 Race Report and Carpet Set-up

Nakayama right picture that Mr. As Mr. This point was also improved with M — 07 CONCEPT, it was possible to fully open the gearbox just by removing just 8 screws, and the maintainability of the drive system including the differential greatly improved.

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Noma and Mr. That facial expression is serious! Also, Mr. I think that this is thanks to M — 07, it is wonderful. The photo looks like last year. Because affordable things are designated for power sources such as motors and batteries, it is attractive that anyone can easily participate.

Roadster is Mr. Nakayama, Demio is handwritten by Mr. Yanagisawa who is the chief designer, each with autographs. I get it but Tamiya got to fully take advantage of this new chassis design by creating an all-in-one chassis i. This M07 Concept has that swapability written on it.

Why not now, Tamiya? Your email address will not be published. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Yes the wait it over!! M Concept!! Base on the success platform of TA07 which i m proud to say till date. As of now i will build base on only the parts that my LHS have. Here we go… M07 chassis, pretty much like the TA07 chassis. As a starting base, i choose to fill the gear differential with 1 million oil after running the car, i feel that Hence, we dont have to worry that we strip the spur gear of the M07 and we have to wait for some time before the replacement gears are out in the market as the spur gear is of the same size as the M03 gear set.

New design of C-hub and front upright also meant that there are more setup options available just like the touring cars! Latest offering from Tamiya is the 6deg caster and the aluminum rear upright. The 6 deg block offers a easier drive, less aggressive style setup for the M07 together with the aluminum rear upright allowing more setup options for drivers to experiment and setup with.

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Tamiya M-07 Concept

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tamiya m07 setup

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.The Tamiya M-Series is probably the most popular global stock class out there. The diminutive cars are cheap, easy to maintain and fun to Awesome guide for the M05! Ask these setup concepts apply to other m chassis cars too.

tamiya m07 setup

That is the cutest model I have ever seen. But for the real deal if you are facing some trouble, you can always take help from repair manuals online free Alfa Romeo. The Tamiya suspension mounts are a powerful tuning option to help you refine the way in which your car will handle on the track. Pages Home Reviews Facebook. Featured guide M05 New tamiya. Tamiya M05 v2 guide, Setup, Mods, tuning and racing tips. RCRacerMan 5 The above will give you most of the unique features of the M05v2 including the facility to set droop with a step screw, instead of adding shims into the internal shock shaft.

Tyres There are lots of different tyres out there, and it is best to see what others at your local club run before investing in a set or two. I find the Shimizu Treaded tyres work really well at my local club which is indoor carpet.

I run medium front and soft rear. This makes the car very responsive, if you want it a little easier to drive then hard front and medium rear. I also run Sweep slicks, 33 fronts and 25 rears are a good starting combo. In reality there are so many different types of tyres available you will probably be best to ask at your local club. One technique that is used a lot when racing M cars is gluing the sidewall. This helps stiffen the profile of the tyre and can stop grip roll when you have tried everything else, Softening the car etc.

Drive Train The M05 gearbox is not the most complex, but you still want it to be as free as possible to ensure you get the most speed from your stock motor. Gearbox You want a steel or hardened 20t 0.

Importantly, do not put grease on the gears, this just causes drag, leave them dry and they will last for ages. I would only recommend these if you wear out your kit gears. Bearings The most essential upgrade for any standard M05 is bearings.

tamiya m07 setup

These free up the whole car, and again you do not need to use any grease which will bog down your car. You will need the following bearings to convert the M 6 x 12 x I get my bearing sets from RCbearings.

These have been around for years, they work really well and they eliminate most of the chatter you will get when the front wheels are steering. A great upgrade. These are the latest and greatest. They are much more expensive than the standard universals. They do make a large difference however if you run a very stiff front differential as they will not chatter even when at full lock. Otherwise the standard universals are fine. Suspension Droop Droop makes a big difference to how the M05 handles.

If you have no droop the car will be a handful as the wheels will lift as the weight is moved around and the car will topple over without warning as there will be very little body roll. Too much droop will make the car feel lazy and you can still grip roll as you will have too much weight over the outer wheels when at the apex.

The M05v2 has downstop screws like a normal TC so you can just adjust the screws to add or remove droop. The older M05 does not have this luxury, so you you need to adjust the droop with a combination of adding or removing shims on the internal shock shafts and unscrewing the bottom ball cup to change the shock length. To check droop, you want to look at both the front and the rear in turn.